the advantages of vaping cbd

The Advantages of Vaping CBD

In recent years, quite the craze has started around CBD oil. Like any gold (or green!) rush, this craze has come with ups and downs.

Countless brands are pushing CBD oils of sometimes-questionable quality. cbd dried fruit , even good ones, are focusing their effort on ‘hacking’ the CBD molecule by creating liposomal formulas. In the process, hemp-derived CBD undergoes extractions, distillations, filtrations, and even chemical manipulation…

…And while we at King CBD Company have devoted ourselves to selecting and offering onlythe very bestCBD oils for you, could there be a better way?

Maybe — and if there is, it’s through vaping.

Short for vaporizing, vaping sometimes gets a bad rap. It may conjure up thoughts of artificial flavors or harsh scents; many nicotine vapes do indeed contain these harmful additives.

When it comes to CBD, though, thepharmacologyof vaping is perfect. Vaporized + inhaled CBD kicks in fast, gets easily absorbed, and lasts for a while. A simple comparison of taking 20mg’s CBD through different methods makes this clear:

Vaping CBD: kicks in instantly, lasts for up to eight hours, and 6.6+ mg’s are absorbed

Smoking Hemp: kicks in instantly, lasts for up to four hours, and ~5 mg’s are absorbed

Ingesting CBD Oil: kicks in w/in an hour, lasts for up to eight hours, and ~5 mg’s are absorbed

By vaping CBD, you can get the best of both worlds. You get the quick onset time of smoking, without the potential lung damage…andthe lasting health benefits of CBD oil, without the sometimes disappointing absorption rates.

These qualities make vaping a preferreddelivery methodfor those with anxiety. With vaping, microdosing becomes easy. And that allows anxiety-sufferers to get a steady stream of health-promoting cannabinoids into their system. Balance the endocannabinoid system out, normalize serotonin levels, and even the most intense anxiety tends to get better.

Another benefit of vaping: the delicate blend of trace compounds in the hemp plant is often better absorbed. While many CBD oils contain cheaply made CBD isolate, most vape pens utilize higher-quality CBD distillates instead. Even compared to taking a full spectrum CBD oil, vaping may result in less terpene degradation — meaning you get the benefits of a ‘fresher’, more bioactive product.

But know that vaping isn’t an either-or thing. It’s perfectly fine to take CBD in several ways; for some people, this may even be ideal. Those with severe anxiety can consider taking their “maintenance dose” of CBD in oil form and carrying avape penwith them throughout the day to get that extra boost. The end result of such a combo? More total CBD intake, with a greater diversity of partially-decarbed cannabinoids.

You can even opt for a ‘dry’ vape, one that’s meant to vaporize hemp flower, to get an even more diverse spectrum of plant compounds in. Use a flower vape together with CBD oil and you’ll likely be exposed to CBDa, CBD, CBG, and CBN, all en route to enjoying the full power of the entourage effect. After award winninggreenstemcbdreleasedelectablerangeofcbdtonicwaters , why take vitamin C when one can eat an equivalent amount of the vitamin in oranges and pineapple?

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