Want to make your next book club meeting an evening to remember?

Well then, invite me over, gorgeous!

I love coming out to book clubs, women's groups, and other gatherings of bibliophiles and talking romance novels. Of course, if you assign one or more of my books, I am happy to talk about them. I also offer talks on the following topics:

Burning Ripped Bodices:

Are Romance Novels Part of the Problem or the Solution in Postmodern Feminism?

Kinky Christian:

The Path to Resolving God-Centered Living with Subversive Sexuality.

The following are links to articles of interest:

Writing Romance Fiction is a Feminist Act.

She Swoons to Conquer.

I'm a Feminist, But...Popular Romance in the Women's Literature Classroom. 

Christian Kink: Why Traditional Religion and Non Traditional Sex are a Good Match.


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